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First Aid

Knowledge of first aid is something we should all have, but hope we'll never need.  First aid is a vital skill and is a mandatory subject for all cadets.

Within the first 3 months of training all cadets complete the 'Blue Badge' which is the St John's Ambulance Essential first aid qualification. This is a 3 hour course which covers the very basic topics of first aid.

Within the first 12 months all cadets then go on to complete the 'Bronze Badge' this is the St John's Ambulance Young First Aider qualification. This is a 2 day course which covers a huge range of first aid topics at a basic level, giving the cadets a chance to do the practical learning.

After the cadets 16th birthday they can then go on to complete the 'Silver Badge' this is the St John's Activity First Aid qualification. This is also a 2 day course which gives a more detailed level of teaching for each of the first aid topics the cadets would already have covered. It also allows the cadets to be able to assist teaching the Blue & Bronze levels at the squadron. 

Finally there is also a 'Gold Badge' this is at regional level and can be earned by attending certain competitions and camps.

We also provide First Aid scenario evenings where the cadets can put all of their training into practice.

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