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Recruit Training

The 12 week Recruit Training Programme introduces the new cadets to life in the Royal Air Force Air Cadets.  They will learn who the staff are at 1163 Squadron and the key staff in Essex Wing.  They will learn the importance of security in the local area and at RAF stations.  They will learn what documents are needed for activities and will be signed up to the Cadet Portal - their own online record.  They will learn about the history, ranks, academic classifications, structure, and values and standards of the RAF Air Cadets.  They will be issued their uniform and be taught how to wear it and look after it.  They will learn drill and discipline.  They will learn about the current RAF aircraft.  They will learn the ranks of all three of the Armed Forces.  They will learn the basics of first aid.  They will go on a free visit to either the Imperial War Museum at Duxford or the RAF Museum at Henley.  They will be taken to Thetford for an introduction to mountain biking - adventure training is a key part of the cadet experience, so we want to get them involved as soon as possible.

Finally, they will have an enrollment evening where family and friends are invited to see them officially becoming a cadet and swear the cadet oath.

There is no pass or fail in recruit training - we understand that school work must take priority.  It is only an introduction and there are handouts and a booklet for all the key information.

Depending on when they join, they will take part in any parades, such as Remembrance, Battle of Britain, or Air Cadet Sunday that take place during recruit training.  Prior to their enrollment, they can also participate in other Squadron level activities, such as collecting for the Royal British Legion, visiting RAF stations, or indoor rock climbing.

The Recruit Programme

  • Squadron & Wing Personnel

  • Security

  • Forms, Documents and the Cadet Portal

  • RAFAC - Ranks & Classifications (Handouts below)

  • Discipline

  • RAFAC - History

  • RAFAC - Structure

  • Climatic Injuries

  • Uniform Regulations

  • Ethos, Core Values & Standards

  • RAF Aircraft

  • RAF, Navy & Army Ranks

  • Heartstart (First Aid)

  • Caring For Your Uniform

  • What We Do

  • Drill

  • Visit to Museum

  • Introduction to Mountain Biking

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