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TG Forms

TG 21 Activity Consent Form - Cadet

TG 21 Forms are required for ALL activities that do not take place at the Squadron building on a Monday or Wednesday evening

TG 22 Activity Form - Staff

TG 22 Forms are required for staff only

TG 23 Health Declaration Form

TG 23 Medical Forms are in addition to TG 21 and 22 Forms and are required for ALL medical issues, regardless of whether they are permanent or temporary

Flying Forms

Flying Forms

AV Med Form 1
AV Med Form 1

To satisfy gliding/flying requirements, cadets must be in possession of a completed RAFAC Av Med Form 1.  Valid for three months from signing.

RAF Form 6424
RAF Form 6424

Fit to fly medical declaration form, validated by cadet and GP if answered "Yes" to specific  questions in RAFAC Av Med Form 1.   Valid for two years from signing.

Absence from School

Pupil Request to Attend Activities

Some cadet activities take place during school time.  This letter from the Commandant explains the benefits of attending Air Cadet activities and how they are considered as approved educational activities.

Blue Badges

Blue Badge Logbook

The Blue Badge Logbook records your progress through the Blue Badge syllabus.  It contains details of Radio & Cyber, Leadership, Pre-DofE, Heartstart, Aviation & Gliding, Musician, and Shooting.

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